Via Dusmet, 95121 Catania CT, Italia. In a memo originally posted to Facebook’s internal network last year, he argued for a philosophy of personal responsibility. The only problem is that reducing the prevalence of content that Facebook calls “bad for the world” also reduces people’s engagement with the site. These boards are infamous for being the sites where multiple mass-shooting suspects have shared manifestos before homicide sprees. Facebook is an agent of government propaganda, targeted harassment, terrorist recruitment, emotional manipulation, and genocide—a world-historic weapon that lives not … See how people know each other. Facebook is also a business, and a place where people spend time with one another. La Macchina Studio has a multidisciplinary approach thanks to which architecture, theater, music and illustration come together in the project idea. NiNo la Macchina is on Mixcloud. Follow. The concept was to render nuclear war unwinnable, and therefore unthinkable. Saturday, January 16, 2021 at 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM UTC+01. No single machine should be able to control the fate of the world’s population—and that’s what both the Doomsday Machine and Facebook are built to do. La Macchina. Login. This time a human intervened to mitigate harm. (It starts with him asking, “Should I put the beer down?” He’s holding a red Solo cup.) Never miss another show from NiNo la Macchina. Megascale is nearly the existential threat that megadeath is. Il 2020 è stato un anno brutto per tutti, ma a coronare quest’annata da non ricordare ci si è messo il mio ragazzo (che non so neanche più se posso chiamarlo così). Evidence of real-world violence can be easily traced back to both Facebook and 8kun. Military officials have exploited Facebook’s complacency to carry out genocide. The pre-social web destroyed classified ads, but the one-two punch of Facebook and Google decimated local news and most of the magazine industry—publications fought in earnest for digital pennies, which had replaced print dollars, and social giants scooped them all up anyway. Ever tried to drive up Mellifont Street with balding tyres on a wet day? The real terror is in its autonomy, this idea that it would be programmed to detect a series of environmental inputs, then to act, without human interference. “The thing he oversees has such an effect on cognition and people’s beliefs, which can change what they do with their nuclear weapons or their dollars.”, Facebook’s new oversight board, formed in response to backlash against the platform and tasked with making decisions concerning moderation and free expression, is an extension of that power. In previous eras, U.S. officials could at least study, say, Nazi propaganda during World War II, and fully grasp what the Nazis wanted people to believe. Incredibile la corsa che fa il proprietario per recuperare la macchina che in discesa prende sempre più velocità ... Metti mi piace su Facebook per vedere notizie simili. Facebook has conducted social-contagion experiments on its users without telling them. ( Log Out /  Login with Facebook. Kahn concluded that automating the extinction of all life on Earth would be immoral. There’s the computerized version of Risk he coded in ninth grade; his long-standing interest in the Roman empire; his obsession with information flow and human psychology. The logician and philosopher Olaf Helmer-Hirschberg, who overlapped with Kahn at Rand and would later co-found the Institute for the Future, arrived in California after having fled the Nazis, an experience that gave his desire to peer into the future a particular kind of urgency. The giants of the social web—Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram; Google and its subsidiary YouTube; and, to a lesser extent, Twitter—have achieved success by being dogmatically value-neutral in their pursuit of what I’ll call megascale. contatta la struttura. “In every situation of extremist violence we’ve looked into, we’ve found Facebook postings. “And even if we give up the computer and make the Doomsday Machine reliably controllable by decision makers,” Kahn wrote, “it is still not controllable enough.” No machine should be that powerful by itself—but no one person should be either. Live. “I’ve talked to so many start-up CEOs that after they pass this number, weird stuff starts to happen,” he said at a conference in 2016. NiNo la Macchina 1,338 Followers. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Unlawful militant groups use Facebook to organize. The cycle of harm perpetuated by Facebook’s scale-at-any-cost business model is plain to see. It’s a Doomsday Machine. Invite. The sensors are designed to sniff out signs of the impending apocalypse—not to prevent the end of the world, but to complete it. We need people who dismantle these notions by building alternatives. Premium Cars Bern / La Macchina Schweiz AG, Seftigen, 22 mil gostos. That argument is worthy of consideration. Looking back, it can seem like Zuckerberg’s path to world domination was inevitable. We offer comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repair at competitive prices. I’ve been thinking for years about what it would take to make the social web magical in all the right ways—less extreme, less toxic, more true—and I realized only recently that I’ve been thinking far too narrowly about the problem. Facebook has acted as a force for digital colonialism, attempting to become the de facto (and only) experience of the internet for people all over the world. Scale and engagement are valuable to Facebook because they’re valuable to advertisers. Anyone who is serious about mitigating the damage done to humankind by the social web should, of course, consider quitting Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and any other algorithmically distorted informational environments that manipulate people. Mumac - Museo della Macchina per Caffè, Binasco. Designer: La Macchina Studio Photography: Matteo Rosco. We’re still in the infancy of this century’s triple digital revolution of the internet, smartphones, and the social web, and we find ourselves in a dangerous and unstable informational environment, powerless to resist forces of manipulation and exploitation that we know are exerted on us but remain mostly invisible. Images by Paolo Fusco. The funny thing is: This localized approach is part of what made megascale possible. Every time you click a reaction button on Facebook, an algorithm records it, and sharpens its portrait of who you are. Ever jumped in the car for the early morning soccer run and found yourself wondering what that noise was? But there aren’t enough moderators speaking enough languages, working enough hours, to stop the biblical flood of shit that Facebook unleashes on the world, because 10 times out of 10, the algorithm is faster and more powerful than a person. People tend to complain about Facebook as if something recently curdled. Categories. La Macchina del Tempo jest na Facebooku. Upload. Retroscena Apartment / La Macchina Studio Zoom image | View original size The project transforms a 1950s apartment into a surreal set where reality and fiction coexist in a quasi-theatrical scene. Nobody is pining for megadeath. In the days after the 2020 presidential election, Zuckerberg authorized a tweak to the Facebook algorithm so that high-accuracy news sources such as NPR would receive preferential visibility in people’s feeds, and hyper-partisan pages such as Breitbart News’s and Occupy Democrats’ would be buried, according to The New York Times, offering proof that Facebook could, if it wanted to, turn a dial to reduce disinformation—and offering a reminder that Facebook has the power to flip a switch and change what billions of people see online. Even after U.S. intelligence agencies identified Facebook as a main battleground for information warfare and foreign interference in the 2016 election, the company has failed to stop the spread of extremism, hate speech, propaganda, disinformation, and conspiracy theories on its site. And it wasn’t until October of this year, for instance, that Facebook announced it would remove groups, pages, and Instragram accounts devoted to QAnon, as well as any posts denying the Holocaust. Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Has ‘Authoritarian’ Views on Misinformation. I don’t know why. Facebook now has 2.7 billion monthly users. ( Log Out /  Il visitatore potrà aggirarsi a suo piacimento If he isn’t the most powerful person on the planet, he’s very near the top. To connect with Dipartimento Protezione Civile, join Facebook today. The architecture of the modern web poses grave threats to humanity. Facebook umożliwia udostępnianie zawartości i … 8,3 mil Me gusta. “It’s hard to have any degree of real connectivity after that.”. Quindi, in assenza di un rapido intervento del governo, la macchina fiscale si rimetterà in moto. Somewhere along the way, Facebook decided that it needed not just a very large user base, but a tremendous one, unprecedented in size. La macchina sospetta. The rise of QAnon, for example, is one of the social web’s logical conclusions. One of the people I’ve asked is Joshua Geltzer, a former White House counterterrorism official who is now teaching at Georgetown Law. Previous: Next: Dipartimento Protezione Civile. ( Log Out /  The website that’s perhaps best known for encouraging mass violence is the image board 4chan—which was followed by 8chan, which then became 8kun. No single machine should be able to control so many people. Early constraints around membership—the requirement at first that users attended Harvard, and then that they attended any Ivy League school, and then that they had an email address ending in .edu—offered a sense of cohesiveness and community. Macchina Pasta Bar - - Ha calificado 4.2 según 24 opiniones "Media hora llevamos esperando que nos traigan la comida. Even so, Facebook routinely sends emails to users recommending the newest QAnon groups. They nicknamed it “Dead Hand.” But so far, somewhat miraculously, we have figured out how to live with the bomb. “There is no chance of human intervention, control, and final decision,” wrote the military strategist Herman Kahn in his 1960 book, On Thermonuclear War, which laid out the hypothetical for a Doomsday Machine. But megadeath is not the only thing that makes the Doomsday Machine petrifying. These dangers are not theoretical, and they’re exacerbated by megascale, which makes the platform a tantalizing place to experiment on people. We have a word for the scale of destruction that the Doomsday Machine would unleash: megadeath. Entre architecture, théâtre, musique et illustration, l’appartement au coeur de l’Appio Latino a été conçu avec une approche multi-disciplinaire. Join. Today, “it’s not a filter bubble; it’s a filter shroud,” Geltzer said. But there’s something architectural about the site that merits attention, too: There are no algorithms on 8kun, only a community of users who post what they want. La macchina approntata con la collaborazione di Andrea Crisanti, conterà 46 postazioni e 180 operatori per l'esecuzione, stimata, di 32.278 tamponi antigenici rapidi. Wir sind der Oldtimerhandel mit Schwerpunkt auf klassische italienische Automobile. And that reaches tons of people. The web’s existing logic tells us that social platforms are free in exchange for a feast of user data; that major networks are necessarily global and centralized; that moderators make the rules. We must also find ways to repair the aspects of our society and culture that the social web has badly damaged. Even as Facebook has insisted that it is a value-neutral vessel for the material its users choose to publish, moderation is a lever the company has tried to pull again and again. Scarica il podcast "Come funziona la macchina dell'economia" tramite iTunes (inglese) State of the US Economy & Government Ray Dalio sits down with one of his greatest heroes, Paul Volcker, to talk about the state of the economy and U.S. Government as well as learn about the principles that guided his incredible career. The hyper-targeting of users, made possible by reams of their personal data, creates the perfect environment for manipulation—by advertisers, by political campaigns, by emissaries of disinformation, and of course by Facebook itself, which ultimately controls what you see and what you don’t see on the site.

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